This article lists all of the base rides. It does not include rides that are obtained as part of an event.

Junior Rides
Ride Rarity Lvl Avail Size Price Default Theme
Merry-Go-Round Common 1 3x3 8,930 Classic
Joystick Arcade Common 1x1 1,955 Sci-Fi
Water Gun Common 1x1 7,720 Classic
Helter Skelter Common 3x3 78,120 Classic
Small Wheel Common 2x3 213,965 Classic
Tea Cups Epic 4x4 5,628,095 Classic
Funslide Rare 5x3 3,268,515 Classic
Basketball Common 2x2 536,895 Classic
Car Ride Rare 6x6 10,366,300 Classic
Swing Tower Epic 3x3 7,224,855 Classic
Banana Tycoon Rare 4x4 6,228,020 Adventure
Double Carousel Rare 3x3 4,269,440 Classic
Family Rides
Ride Rarity Lvl Avail Size Price Default Theme
Haunted House Common Classic
Fortune Teller Common Adventure
Hammer Game Common Classic
Whack-A-Mole Common Classic
Observation Tower Common Sci-Fi
4D Cinema Common Classic
Bumper Cars Common Classic
Pirate Ship Epic Adventure
Log Flume Rare Western
Circus Rare Classic
Ferris Wheel Common Classic
Silly Swings Common Classic
Spacewars Rare Sci-Fi
Shooter Arcade Common Adventure
Bucking Bull Common Western
Surfer Common Adventure
Barnyard Bash Rare Western
Mini Golf Common Classic
Rent-a-boat Common Classic
Maze Common Classic
Condor Epic Classic
Vertigo Tower Rare Classic
Thrill Rides
Ride Rarity Lvl Avail Size Price Default Theme
Drop Tower Rare 124,500 Classic
Zipper Epic Western
Spinner Common Classic
Zero-G Zipper Common Sci-Fi
Vertical Slice Rare Sci-Fi
Pendulum Rare Classic
Go Kart Common Classic
Twisted Twizzler Common Western
Tornado Common Western
Flying Carpet Common Adventure
Super Flyer Epic Adventure
Typhoon Rare Sci-Fi
Ghost Train Common Classic
Ring of Fire Common Classic
Tomahawk Rare Western
Racing Arcade Common Sci-Fi
Twister Common Adventure
Gravity Flux Epic Sci-Fi
Roto-Drop Epic Classic
Whirlwind Rare Classic
Magic Carpet Rare Adventure
Gyrator Epic Classic
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